Jul 17
thedreamcomparison presents:earhole party volume 4 (july/august 2012)click the picture, or click HERE to download!
1.Luna - california (all the way)2.Eternal Summers - you kill3.Redd Kross - ghandi is dead (i’m the cartoon man)4.mclusky - she will only bring you happiness5.Smashing Pumpkins - 19796.Whirr - meaningless7.Point Reyes - mall8.Lava Children - cave9.Crocodiles - endless flowers10.Jim O’Rourke - therefore, i am11.The Walkmen - wake up12.Rafter - unassailable13.Built To Spill - you were right14.Beachwood Sparks - the orange grass special15.Dreamend - the face on the tintype16.The Magnetic Fields - born on a train17.Liars - a ring on every finger18.Superchunk - cadmium19.Dirty Projectors - unto caesar20.Bombadil - short side of the wall21.The Marshmallow Ghosts - the attic

thedreamcomparison presents:

earhole party volume 4 (july/august 2012)

click the picture, or click HERE to download!

1.Luna - california (all the way)
2.Eternal Summers - you kill
3.Redd Kross - ghandi is dead (i’m the cartoon man)
4.mclusky - she will only bring you happiness
5.Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
6.Whirr - meaningless
7.Point Reyes - mall
8.Lava Children - cave
9.Crocodiles - endless flowers
10.Jim O’Rourke - therefore, i am
11.The Walkmen - wake up
12.Rafter - unassailable
13.Built To Spill - you were right
14.Beachwood Sparks - the orange grass special
15.Dreamend - the face on the tintype
16.The Magnetic Fields - born on a train
17.Liars - a ring on every finger
18.Superchunk - cadmium
19.Dirty Projectors - unto caesar
20.Bombadil - short side of the wall
21.The Marshmallow Ghosts - the attic

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